Commercial Tinting

Decrease Energy Consumption
Window tint decreases intruding heat by up to 78%. This can lower the amount of energy it takes to cool off indoor spaces. You will notice a drastic difference in your utility bill after installation. In addition, Progress Energy and OUC, are offering incentives to apply window tint to your business.


Improve Appearance
Different types of window tint film can change the appearance of your business. Choose from decorative matte films to mirror films to give your building that aesthetically pleasing appearance you're looking for. Achieve the look of fine glass etching, without the cost that normally accompanies such a change. Add vibrant colors and graphic designs to any glass surface.

Reduce Fading and Glare

The sun's harsh UV rays can fade and damage furnishings, fabrics, and products. Window tint is able to reduce up to 99% of these harmful rays, lengthening the lifetime of your belongings. This effect can also make your employees and tenants more comfortable by reducing the entrance of heat to the building and cutting down on annoying glare. All this can be done without reducing the amount of natural light let into the building, providing a happy, healthy environment.

Security and Safety

In up to 64% of burglaries, intruders gain access to the premises by smashing through exterior glass. Applying window tint to your windows makes it harder to shatter glass and gain entry. The adhesive in the window tint holds broken pieces of glass together. In this same way, window tint comes in handy during rough Florida hurricanes. Debris from a hurricane normally flies through windows with ease. Window tint can aid in keeping unwanted articles from harming your business and keep your employees safe and comfortable. For added protection, you might consider film from the Safety and Security line from LLumar. This film is specifically designed to resist breaking or shattering. A window protected by LLumar safety and security film can provide up to 40X the normal strength of a window.


Window tint offers your business the promise of privacy. Factory and warehouse interiors can be hidden from curious onlookers. Employee desks, computers, and sensitive documents can be kept out of the path of unwanted eyes. This can be done with a classy and professional appearance in a variety of films ranging from a darker smoked tint to a completely reflective tint that allows almost no inward visibility.

Eligible for a Rebate?

If your office is located in the Greater Orlando metro area, and your energy provider is OUC, you may be eligible for an energy rebate. Installing solar window films on pre-existing buildings can help reflect the heat during hot summer days and retain heat on cool winter days. Your cooling and heating unit(s) will become more efficient.

If your energy provider is Progress Energy, you may be eligible for an energy rebate.